The fastes man on a Ducati Desmosedici: @andreaiannone29 and @alfredodente selfie

Thank you Andrea Iannonne (official Ducati MotoGp rider) for choosing and all the best of luck with the ongoing season in MotoGp Championship.
The fastes man on a Ducati Desmosedici at
Andrea Iannone and Alfredo Dente selfie.

The Motorcycle Workout, by Nicolas Stecher

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Hard riding can definitely raise one’s heart rate to the same level as that in any hard fitness session. This happens for two reasons, the first being the physical effort a rider is required to expend when riding these bikes. The second is due to adrenaline, which is the most powerful heart stimulation anyone can get,” adds Alfredo Dente, official team physiotherapist at Ducati’s Super Aguri F1 MotoGP team. “But this is a situation which should not happen while cruising around on our public roads, since it would mean that speed limits and safety would definitely not be respected.