Lorenzo Jovanotti about Alfredo Dente

pass Lorenzo Jovannotti live Safari tour 2008
pass Lorenzo Jovannotti live Safari tour 2008
2008 Safari tour, Lorenzo Jovanotti: “Doctors told me to stay in bed for ten days. I could not let my 6800 fans down. I wish to thank Fabrizio (Borra) and Freddy (Dente) the two physios who helped me to get back on my feet.
It’s the right recognition for my miracles team.” (Blu Media)

2012 “ORA tour singer Lorenzo Jovanotti will rely again on the assistance of his long term therapist Fabrizio Borra and in his absence Alfredo Dente will replace him” Fisiology Forlì

Casey Stoner and his physiotherapist Alfredo Dente, Ducati MotoGP Team

MotoGP Laguna Seca 2009, Casey Stoner – Ducati MotoGP Team – 4th
It has been a weekend to forget. I can’t be happy with fourth place even if it has limited the damage to my championship chances. Today I didn’t feel as bad at the end of the race as I have done in the last two but I’m still not right. I found it really difficult to keep my concentration over the last few laps and I was in a bit of a daze by the end. My left arm was feeling really tired by the end because of the fact there are so many left-handers here and my left wrist still doesn’t have the full range of movement after my operation in the winter. I’m really disappointed because without all of these problems we could have done so much better. I want to thank the team for giving me a great bike and also Doctor Claudio Macchiagodena and our physiotherapist Freddie (Dente) for all their help. Now we’ll focus on trying to find out the root of the problem because racing in this condition is not much fun.” (motorcycle-usa.com)

MotoGP Catalunya 2009, Monday Test Info
This morning, when I woke up, I had some cramp in my legs and a backache so I did some physiotherapy con Freddy (Dente, the team’s physiotherapist) and then got on the bike. I was not in perfect shape and I couldn’t make more than a couple of runs at a time. Despite this, we managed to test what we needed to test, the set-up of the bike, the carbon fork and a new rear shock. I’m fairly happy because the test has confirmed what we thought and I think we are improving bit by bit. We are still lacking some rear grip but we we’ve found a few ways to improve the bike and I am optimistic. Now I’m looking forward to resting and to getting back to 100% fitness in time for Assen.” (superbikeplanet.com)

Gracias al equipo por su trabajo y a mi fisioterapeuta, Freddie Dente, por ayudarme a estar en la carrera con una fractura en la muñeca.
Merci à l’équipe pour leur travail et à mon physiothérapeute Freddie Dente, pour m’aider à gérer la course avec une fracture au poignet.

Nicky Hayden: thanks to my physiotherapist, Alfredo Dente

physiotherapist Alfredo Dente and Nicky Hayden, Ducati
physiotherapist Alfredo Dente and Nicky Hayden, Ducati

Nicky HaydenDucati Team, Jerez, MotoGP, 2013
The small tweaks we did to the bike this morning were improvements, and after I was fifth in the warm-up with a decent pace, I was confident for the race. My start was okay, but I lost the gap when Bradl crashed in front of me and I wasn’t able to stay with Bautista and Crutchlow. Thanks to my physiotherapist, Alfredo Dente, and the Clinica Mobile, who helped me to race despite the problem with my wrist. With the adrenaline, the first fifteen laps weren’t much of a problem, but the last part wasn’t much fun. It was our best weekend so far this season, so hopefully we can build on it.” (motorcycledaily.com)

Motegi, MotoGP, 2012
Thanks to the team for their work and to my physiotherapist, Freddie Dente, for helping me to manage the race with a fracture in my wrist.” (motorcycledaily.com)

The Motorcycle Workout, askmen.com by Nicolas Stecher

In the article The Motorcycle Workout by Nicolas Stecher published on askmen.com

Hard riding can definitely raise one’s heart rate to the same level as that in any hard fitness session. This happens for two reasons, the first being the physical effort a rider is required to expend when riding these bikes. The second is due to adrenaline, which is the most powerful heart stimulation anyone can get,” adds Alfredo Dente, official team physiotherapist at Ducati’s Super Aguri F1 MotoGP team. “But this is a situation which should not happen while cruising around on our public roads, since it would mean that speed limits and safety would definitely not be respected.

Valentino Rossi’s physiotherapist Alfredo Dente focuses on MLS

To paraphrase Virginia Woolf: “Behind every great champion, there is always a great physiotherapist”. An aphorism that champion of two wheels as Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi are ready to sign after having met Alfredo Dente. The experience and the competence of this physiotherapist from Forli, professionally grew up in England and Australia, has in fact incurred them during several MotoGP championships, helping them to deal – and overcome – complex issues. No wonder the Tavullia centaur, in force to Yamaha, has chosen him also for the 2014-15 season, although Mr. Dente is officially the Team Coordinator of the SKY Racing Team VR46.
A clear demonstration of full confidence that the physiotherapist, in the past for long time operating at Ducati, has paid off. To «give me a good hand» in coping with the problems that the riders face up before and after each competition and «to allow them to get back on track quickly», Mr. Dente has focused on MLS®, laser therapy made in ASAlaser, company for over 30 years at the forefront in the study and development of therapeutic solutions.

Q. Inevitable ask you if in case of necessity you will use ASAlaser therapy also on Valentino Rossi …
A. Definitely: if there are the conditions to recourse to ASAlaser therapeutic solution, that I have chosen as travelling partner in this World Cup, I will use it even on Valentino who, as all multi-titled professionals, has as priority to be in the best condition for run.

Q. Being at the side of riders involved in MotoGP circuit is not a news for ASAlaser. One of its flagship therapies – Hilterapia® – since eight seasons support Clinica Mobile’s staff composed of doctors and physiotherapists.
A. Exactly in Clinica Mobile, where during the last few years I landed for personal needs and to solve the problems of some athletes, I have known the HILT® pulse. Comparing with the colleagues of Dr. Claudio Costa “Travelling Hospital”, currently managed by Dr. Michele Zasa, I have collected information about the validity and the effectiveness of ASAlaser therapies. The successfully cases have definitively convinced me to ask for more details.

Q. From Hilterapia® to MLS® is a short step.
A. Especially when I have found out that MLS® has given good results in treating Marc Marquez pathology.

Q. Do the news travel so fast?
A. Paolo Castelli, physiotherapist who follows Marc Marquez during this World Cup, has confirmed me the effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy helping the reigning World Champion to recover the best physical condition after the injury to his right ankle. A further guarantee …

Q. Beside the manual therapy, in which you are specialized, you will combine the laser therapy, after an ad hoc training in the Company ..
A. In England, where I have trained after finishing my studies in Italy, and in Australia, where I have followed a Master, I have mainly studied the manual therapy with focus on musculoskeletal diseases. Landing in the sports world, where everything travels around the need to speed up the results, I have considered, however, essential to integrate the opportunities offered by my specialization with the advantages of instrumental therapies. Laser therapy is therefore already part of my knowledge: I am now interested in exploring the benefits of MLS® in order to use it best to meet the athletes needs.

Q. What does a rider look for when he calls on you?
A. Return to be competitive in a short time is the priority of every rider when he is not in full form. Since their goal is to win, what really matters is finding the best solution to solve the problem that plagues them.

Q. A considerable responsibility for those who, like you, is called upon to provide this solution..
A. With regard to the purely “technical” aspects I don’t do any difference in treating a super champion as a Sunday athlete. What makes the real difference is the confidence to have short time: for this reason the team play that involves a variety of professionals becomes basic. The secret is to diagnose with fairness the disease and then evaluate in collaboration with other specialists the most appropriate treatment to resolve it.

Q. Always with the tight time …
A. I got used to it when I have decided to work in the world of motorcycling. When, for example, Valentino or Andrea (Iannone, ed) after a workout have pain to an arm or a calf we must be immediately ready to intervene to resolve it. For this reason I believe MLS® will help me ..

Q. What are the problems that you commonly face?
A. Riders, for their “work”, assume a particular posture that has an impact on their back and legs. I am referring specifically lumbar soreness, leg fatigue, tension in the neck and thoracic spine. Our task is to help them to overcome these issues to get on track in the best way.

Q. Your career has begun in hospitals, would you have thought to move from the ward to the circuits?
A. My professional life has been marked by a continuous ringed of opportunities: very often I was in the right place at the right time. I’ve only caught the opportunities, opening some doors …
Modesty is part of Alfredo Dente’s nature but his curriculum includes not only many years of experience in MotoGP (junior team Honda, Ducati), but also in Formula 1 (Team Minardi – current Toro Rosso). «I am aware – he concludes – that if I had not been very helpful, and above all, professional these doors would close after just one season».

Ducati team, Nicky Hayden
Ducati team, Nicky Hayden