I had shoulder stabilisation and needed extensive rehabilitation

Rob Marshall Review:
I am an Irish expatriate living and working in Milan.
Just prior to moving here, I had shoulder stabilisation on my right shoulder and needed extensive rehabilitation.
I found Alfredo to be incredibly knowledgable, thorough and professional throughout all our dealings.
I was previously worked with Olympic and World Class Physios in Ireland and abroad, and Alfredo is in that bracket.
He was exemplary in every way in managing pain, progress and the psychological state of mind during each phase of rehabilitation.
For any non-Italian speakers, Alfredo has totally fluent English, a pristine clinic in the centre of Milan and all the technical attributes to complement the former points.
I thoroughly recommend to any and all seeking rehab in Milan to visit Alfredo. 10/10.

Nicky Hayden’s Arai helmet, Roberto Marchionne (Starline) and Alfredo Dente

Thank you so much Roberto,

Roby from STARLINE is the genius behind the beautiful graphics and crafting work we see every year on MOTOGP riders colourful helmets (Lorenzo, Dovizioso, and Vale also in the past).
I met Roby through Nicky Hayden who is still one of his most affectionate clients (since 2005) and today here in Pesaro at Starline I am being given a special gift: Nicky’s Arai helmet with one of the most creative and meaningful graphics which Nicky chose to display at Indianapolis during the 2013 Championship.
Thank you so much Roby, very much appreciated and I’m sure that riders will keep asking you to create newer and funkyer graphics for many years to come.

Check Roby’s web site at:

[themify_tiles group=”2732″]

Tino Martino chose Physiotherapymilan @TINOFoto

Thank you Tino for choosing Physiotherapymilan to get back in shape before the new season in Motogp.
Tino is a professional photographer with official accreditation in Motogp.
Tino got some recognition recently for shooting Marc Marquez during a spectacular “Elbow move” to avoid crashing while testing his Honda in 2014 although his preferred subject is probably Valentino.
“A lucky shot” Tino said but still one has to be at the right place at the right time.
Well done Tino and thank you for visiting an old friend.

Tino Martino - Alfredo Dente
Tino Martino – Alfredo Dente

Alfredo Dente

Treatment of the connective tissue through transcutaneous “fibrolysis”

fibrolysis, Alfredo DentePhysiotherapy Milan always on the ball, Alfredo has completed a course on treatment of the connective tissue through transcutaneous “fibrolysis“, another effective approach to miofascial issues.

Many thanks to EG-Group and Corrado Comunale.

Philip Island with Andrea @AndreaIannone29 @AlfredoDente

Philip Island two years ago:
at the time when he joined me in the picture Andrea did not know yet how much of a show he would put up at the very same australian track two years after.
Boy, that’s what racing is all about.
Vale, Lorenzo, Marquez and the smiling guy in the picture who managed an amazing double overtake to claim the last step of the podium. Congratulations to Andrea and to Vale, Jorge and Mark for the most exciting race in years who kept us stuck on the sofa breathless lap after lap.

Nicky Hayden will leave @MotoGP and will race in world Superbike @NickyHayden @AlfredoDente

Nicky Hayden will leave MotoGP and will race in world superbike after joining the world championship hall of fame as a legend in Valencia.
“Good luck nicky a true gentleman, fully committed to his sport a fine model for every young rider and above all a motogp world champion”
As recently announced in japan during a press conference nicky will be a honda rider in world superbike and I am Looking forward to watching closely next year.
“Never give up” nh69 Nicky Hayden announces WorlSBK move
youtube Nicky Hayden announces retirement from MotoGp

Happy World Physical Therapy Day everyone… (8th September)

Today is World Physical Therapy Day, I am one and I am proud of being a Physical Therapist.

I have chosen, many years ago, to undergo specific studies and training to become a Physical Therapist although it was not totally clear to me what was involved with and what I was getting into.

It occurs to me often that a lot of people are not too aware of what we do, how we do it and why unless they get sick and that at a certain point, if they are lucky, they are referred to or somehow they turned to us for help.

We work closely with patients of all kinds and who are or have been affected by a desease or injury or simply recovering from a bad back pain.

Today I would like to think of all my collegues who tomorrow will go to work in a hospital or private clinic or nursing home, ultimately it’ s not important WHERE but what really should count is that one of us will be there to help a lady, an old man or a child to regain strength, self confidence and, why not, dignity.

Of course there is no magic, no tricks, no shortcuts only hard work and professional competence to motivate sombody to get back on their feet if possible or to manage at their best any possible outcome after a physical set back.

Tomorrow, like every other day, a Physical Therapist will help Doctors and Nurses in an intensive care unit, or will help a patient after a knee replacement, or even help another one to use a wheelchair or may be he will deal with somebody who has had a stroke and he/she is struggling to sit up straight or to use his/her arm and leg again.

The most important thing is that also thanks  to Phisical Therapists many patients can be guided through a path of recovery and rehabilitation which can make their lives manageable or as it happens in many lucky cases  almost back to normal although we (Physical Therapists) know that normality is sometimes a very abstract concept sometimes.

We are not special people with special skills on the contrary but we study, train and mostly try to keep up our skills and competence in order to do our job properly, sometimes in a hospital, private clinic or on a soccer pitch or racing track.

It doesn’ matter where who with and how, what should really count is that we always do it at our best  with respect for ethics, dignity, pivacy and possibly with a smile.

Happy World Physical Therapy Day everyone.……

Alfredo Dente
Phisical Therapist and Manual Therapist

Knee pain, surgical and conservative approach at the Italian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine

Alfredo Dente will be teaching at the Italian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine ( in Saronno on the 28th and 29th of November.
The course theme will be on Knee pain, surgical and conservative approach.
Alfredo will bring his clinical experience on the subject and will support a productive discussion with the other participants:

  • Dr Robero Abba (Orthopaedic Consultant)
  • Dr Emanuele Ungaro (orthopaedic surgeon and Osteopath)
  • Dr Renato Varinelli (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
  • Lorenza Dacò (Personal Trainer)